california luxury detoxSubstance abuse can cause unimaginable amounts of stress for someone with an addiction. Depending on the severity of the addiction, the person may have mental or physical health problems, strained relationships with loved ones, financial struggles, and many other issues. When they seek recovery, their detox facility should do everything in its power to destress them so they can focus on getting better. A California luxury detox is the perfect setting for recovery and provides clients with the amenities they need to heal.

The Stress of Detox

The first step of addiction recovery isn’t an easy one. Going through detox is one of the most stressful parts of addiction treatment and is often the hurdle most people get stuck on. Entering a residential detox program orange county and persevering through withdrawal symptoms takes a physical, mental, and emotional toll on a person. With all this stress, the last thing a person needs is to experience a stressful detox environment.

The Comforts of a Luxury Detox

A California luxury detox has all the simple things many people take for granted. A Orange County Detox center for women offers amenities as simple as a warm, private bedroom and a hot meal. However, most luxury detox facilities go beyond the simple luxuries and provide many additional amenities that you won’t find anywhere else.

When most people think of drug detox Orange County, they may imagine a isolating, restricting environment where they won’t have personal space or access to their phones. At Morningside Recovery Detox, we believe in an open model for detox and addiction treatment. We don’t believe in cutting our clients off from their phones, as it’s one of the only ways for clients to reach out to friends and family members during recovery.

Our facility also allows our clients to bring their best furry support system with them. As a pet friendly drug detox, Morningside Recovery Detox encourages clients to heal and recover alongside their cat or dog. Pets have a proven positive impact on mental health and wellness. Bringing a pet to a California luxury detox provides a level of care and comfort that no facility can provide.

A Relaxing Backdrop for Recovery

California is a beautiful, temperate state with soothing beaches and serene landscapes. When looking for a rehab center in Southern California, many people don’t consider the location or landscape when trying to decide where to enroll. Although many people overlook location and environment, it can play a crucial role in recovery.

A serene landscape is nice to look at, but it can also have an effect on your mood and health. Enjoyable weather can lift people’s spirits, making them more prepared to face detox and the addiction therapy services to come. Additionally, getting away from your home environment is crucial to healing from addiction. Familiar locations can bring back toxic memories or trigger relapse, so taking time away helps clients get stronger and more secure in their recovery before returning.

Better Health and Nourishment

Those with substance addictions often neglect their health or fail to provide their bodies with the nutrition they need. A California luxury detox will provide top-notch nutrition and individual therapy to help clients facilitate healthier lifestyles. Many luxury detox facilities have professional chefs on staff to cook nutritious, balanced meals for clients. Our facilities also have exercise centers and adventure therapy programs to inspire a more active lifestyle.

Nutrition and exercise education helps clients build healthy habits that they can carry with them after they leave the detox facility. By living a happy, healthy, well-balanced life in detox and rehab, clients can expect to continue those healthy habits and prevent relapse after they leave the facility.

Finding the Best California Luxury Detox

If you’re looking for the most comprehensive and professional California luxury detox, then look no further than Morningside Recovery Detox Center in Orange County, California. Our luxury facility offers residential detox programs to help clients overcome their substance addictions and get on the road to recovery.

If you’d like to learn more about our California luxury detox and the amenities we offer, contact Morningside Recovery Detox Center today at 855-283-3118. Our expert staff members are ready to work with you and get you back to a healthy, fulfilling life, so take your first step today.