drug detox orange county drug detox in southern californiaWhen a person suffers from a substance addiction, their body develops a psychological and physical dependence on the substance. Therefore, they spend their days relying on drugs to perform everyday tasks and function normally. For many people, this is an everyday reality, but it doesn’t have to be. With a drug detox Orange County can provide, many of those with substance addictions can break their dependencies and live healthy, drug-free lives.

The Drug Detox Process

Drug detox is just the first step in the addiction treatment journey. Before enrolling in therapy and treatment programs, clients have to break their physical dependencies on drugs. This happens at our Orange County detox center where clients wean off drugs and persevere through the withdrawal period.

Physical dependence means the body relies on the drug to function. When the drug is gone, the body typically exhibits flu-like symptoms. Often, these symptoms are so painful that people succumb to drug use just to quell the withdrawal. At a center for drug detox in Southern California, medical professionals create a safe and comfortable environment for clients to undergo withdrawal.

If the symptoms of withdrawal are too difficult for a client to deal with, medical professionals will administer medications to ease withdrawal symptoms. Medical detox will make the detox process safer and more comfortable for clients.

Despite popular belief, a person is not cured of addiction once they leave detox. Although they may appear to be sober and their physical dependence broken, the psychological dependency still exists. In order to prevent relapse and end a client’s psychological dependence on a drug, we recommend continuing treatment an inpatient drug rehab center in California to learn how to manage cravings and temptations.

Types of Drug Detox

Just as there are many types of drugs, there are also many types of drug detox. Each substance produces different withdrawal symptoms and some drugs have more dangerous withdrawal symptoms than others. When you enroll in a drug detox Orange County offers, you’ll undergo an evaluation to determine what kind of detox you need and any additional care you may need. Morningside Recovery offers drug detox for many substances, including:

  • Heroin Detox Orange County
  • Cocaine Detox Orange County
  • Marijuana Detox Orange County
  • Opiate Detox Orange County
  • Prescription Drug Detox Orange County

Benefits of the Drug Detox Orange County Can Provide

Some people believe that they can detox without the help of a drug detox Orange County offers. However, self-detox can be dangerous and often unsuccessful. Without the care and monitoring of a professional medical staff, those attempting to self-detox put themselves at risk for relapse and overdose.

A drug detox facility offers many benefits to those hoping to recover through a Los Angeles drug addiction treatment program. In addition to 24/7 medical supervision, clients also have the option of medically-assisted detox that can alleviate severe withdrawal symptoms, and they can enjoy the comforts and serenity of a drug detox in Southern California.

Finding a Drug Detox in Southern California

If you’re looking for the best luxury drug detox Orange County has to offer or most professional alcohol detox in Southern California, then look no further than Morningside Recovery Detox Center. Our premier facility offers clients a variety of residential detox programs to help them overcome their dependencies and live happier, healthier, and more fulfilling lives.

To learn more about the most comprehensive drug detox Orange County can provide, call Morningside Recovery Detox today at 855-283-3118. We’re ready to help you get started on your recovery journey, so reach out today.