residential detox programs detox orange county detox programs orange county morningside recovery detox centerDetox is one of the first and most significant hurdles a person has to overcome on their recovery journey. While there are many options for detox, residential detox programs offer the most comprehensive and effective options for treatment. Through 24-7 medical monitoring, comfortable accommodations, and a trusting support network, residential detox programs at an Orange County detox center for women and men help many individuals take their first step on their recovery journeys.

Why Can’t I Detox At Home?

People who believe self-detox is a safe and reliable way to wean themselves off a substance don’t realize the many dangers that come with a self-detox. First of all, addiction is a disease. It affects the way you think, feel, and act. While you may believe you’re in control of your thoughts and actions, the drug addiction disease could change that at any moment.

Second, since addiction is a disease, recovering from it comes with many adverse side effects. Depending on the substance, most people in residential detox programs experience withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal can present itself as flu-like symptoms and, depending on the substance, can cause damage to a person’s mind and body.

Finally, detox isn’t only difficult for the person going through it. Friends and family members can experience stress when trying to help a loved who’s going through detox. People who self-detox sometimes rely on loved ones to keep them on track. However, this is a heavy burden for non-professionals to carry. Loved ones may continue to enable someone suffering from addiction in fear of hurting or upsetting them.

Benefits of Residential Detox Programs

Residential detox programs offer many benefits that you can’t achieve with a self-detox. The first and most important features are comfort and safety. Depending on the substance, detox can be an extremely uncomfortable and dangerous process.

Most of the time, people experience flu-like symptoms, hallucinations, and dramatic mood swings. However, these symptoms can sometimes escalate and require medical attention depending on the substance and the severity or longevity of the addiction. The drug detox Orange County can provide, such as Morningside Recovery Detox, offer many medication-assisted programs for particular substances to help alleviate symptoms of withdrawal, such as:

Residential detox also allows clients to create a support network. With a combination of professional medical staff and other clients in recovery, those who participate in residential detox programs can find the care and support they need both in the facility and after they leave treatment.

What to Expect in Residential Detox

Residential detox residents can expect a variety of amenities at Morningside Recovery Detox Center. In addition to excellent staff, comfortable facilities, 24-hour care, and a serene environment, clients can expect to experience our “open” model for detox and treatment.

Morningside Recovery Detox is a pet friendly drug detox center, so clients never have to leave their furry support systems behind. This California luxury detox center also allows clients to have private rooms and an easy transition into our luxury Orange County rehab center. At Morningside Recovery Detox, clients shouldn’t have to worry about anything other than getting better.

Finding the Best Detox Orange County Can Provide

If you’re looking for the most professional and luxurious detox Orange County can provide, don’t look any further than Morningside Recovery Detox Center in Orange County, California. With west coast beaches and landscapes for a relaxing backdrop, Morningside Recovery Detox is ready to help clients overcome their addictions as comfortably and stress-free as possible.

If you’re ready to work with one of the best residential detox programs in the country, call Morningside Recovery Detox Center today at 855-283-3118. Our professionals are ready to work with you to help you overcome your addiction and begin a happier, healthier life.