alcohol detox orange county alcohol detox in southern californiaAmericans abuse alcohol more widely than any other substance in the country. Due to its legality and commonality, many people don’t recognize it as a dangerous or addictive substance. However, alcohol abuse can lead to a very dangerous addiction that requires the best alcohol detox Orange County can provide. Without an Orange County detox center for men and women, a person with alcohol addiction faces permanent damage to their health and personal life.

Is Alcohol Addictive?

Despite being a legal substance, alcohol has many properties that make it just as dangerous as other illicit drugs. With heavy and frequent abuse, a person can develop an alcohol addiction. Many people refer to alcohol addiction as “alcoholism.”

People who suffer from alcoholism rely on alcohol to function in their daily lives. They may consume alcohol to deal with stress, engage in social situations, self-medicate for mental health issues, or to ward off withdrawal symptoms.

Without the alcohol detox Orange County detox centers offer, a person struggling with alcoholism may develop a variety of health problems. Some of these effects of alcohol:

  • Liver disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Cirrhosis
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease

These problems develop over the course of heavy and long-term alcohol use. Additionally, many of these conditions are irreversible, so people will have to manage the symptoms of these diseases for the rest of their lives. The only way to prevent these long-term problems is to find a alcohol detox in Southern California and a get into a Los Angeles alcohol addiction treatment center before it’s too late.

Alcohol Detox in Southern California: Alcohol Detox Symptoms

During an alcohol detox Orange County detox centers provide, a person has to flush all of the alcohol out of their system. Once a person takes their last drink, withdrawal symptoms begin to set in. This is the body’s way of reacting to the absence of alcohol, which it was relying on for so long.

Within the first day of a person’s last drink, they’ll begin to experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms such as anxiety, nausea, and stomach pain. After the first day, they may begin exhibiting flu-like symptoms, such as high body temperature and blood pressure, fast heart rate, and confusion.

Three days into detox is when symptoms of alcohol withdrawal hit their peak. A person may begin experiencing hallucinations and agitation on top of the other withdrawal symptoms at this stage. After approximately a week, symptoms begin to decrease, and the body acclimates to the lack of alcohol consumption.

This week is crucial to a person’s recovery from alcoholism. Sobriety that comes with this week will grant a person a clean slate to start over. However, with this clarity also comes vulnerability. A person is most vulnerable during and immediately after detox. It’s crucial for a person to transition into a comprehensive residential treatment program to learn how to prevent relapse.

Finding the Best Alcohol Detox Orange County Can Provide

Finding alcohol detox in Southern California may seem difficult, but you don’t have to look any further than Morningside Recovery Detox. At Morningside Recovery Detox, we understand the detox journey can be extremely difficult. Therefore, we offer the most professional, comfortable, and luxurious alcohol detox Orange County can provide.

We offer many residential detox programs to suit the unique needs of our clients. Some of these programs include:

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