Man’s best friend has always been his pet. Pets provide a comfort unlike any other type of support. Their love is unconditional, and for some people, it’s the only type of support system they have. Therefore, when looking for addiction treatment, choosing a pet friendly drug detox can help clients recover while remaining with their furry companions.

Why Bring Pets to Detox?

pet friendly drug detox pet friendly alcohol detox morningside recovery detoxSometimes when people are depressed or stressed out, they don’t need words of advice; they simply need comfort. Pets are incredible support systems full of affection and unconditional love. Residential detox can be an extremely difficult process for many people, so having their pets with them can provide a level of comfort they wouldn’t have otherwise in the facility.

In a pet friendly alcohol detox, mental health professionals also stand by the healing powers of pets. Pets can help people with depression and anxiety disorders calm down during high-risk times of stress. Whether a pet is there to lift your spirits or calm an anxiety attack, their presence is irreplaceable in residential detox programs.

Having a pet in an Orange County drug detox center also teaches a person compassion and how to care for another living thing. Addiction is a difficult disease that adversely affects the brain. A person might struggle with self-care or empathy if they suffered from a severe addiction. If a person loves their pet, then they’ll realize that they have to be healthy and sober if they want to take care of their pet.

Finding a Support System Through Pets

Addiction is a difficult and misunderstood disease that affects the entire family. Friends, family, peers, and co-workers of the person suffering from addiction may develop strained relationships with them. On the other hand, pets can’t and won’t judge a person suffering from addiction. They’ll stay with their owner in a pet friendly drug detox through thick and thin.

Having your pet at a California pet friendly rehab center can also help facilitate relationships inside and outside of the facility. As clients learn how to take care of their pet and re-establish relationships, they’ll have an easier time bonding with other clients in the facility. Pets are also a fantastic talking point to help a client connect with other clients.

Pet Friendly Alcohol Detox for Recovery

After clients finish detox and addiction treatment, they have to transition back into their everyday lives. Having a pet by your side at our pet friendly drug rehab provides an element of consistency that helps smoothen the transition. Pets will also continue to provide the emotional support they supported throughout detox and treatment.

Clients also have to find activities to occupy themselves and help them prevent relapse. For some clients, this includes art, music, yoga, or exercise. Pets can encourage clients to exercise by taking them on walks or to dog parks.

Pet Friendly Drug Detox at Morningside Recovery Detox Center

If you’re looking for a pet friendly alcohol detox in California, look no further than Morningside Recovery Detox Center. Morningside Recovery Detox is a pet friendly drug detox in Orange County, California that offers comprehensive residential detox programs. As a premier California luxury detox, we want our clients to feel as safe and comfortable as possible during the detox process.

We happily welcome clients and their pets at our Orange County detox center for men and women, but the safety of all clients in the facility is our first priority. At Morningside Recovery Detox and Morningside Recovery Rehab Center, the expectation is that pets will stay in a client’s room. While there are no breed or size restrictions, we ask that pets show absolutely no aggression towards other pets or clients. Additionally, we ask clients to bring leashes and collars so they can exhibit control over their pets when necessary.

If you’re paying for detox in Southern California, why not bring your pet, too? To learn more about our detox programs and how you can get started on your recovery journey with your furry companion, call us today at (855) 416-8202. Addiction doesn’t have to control your life. Make the call today.