One of the first things to stop people from pursuing drug detox and treatment is money. How much does detox cost? Where will I find the money to pay for detox? Luckily, there are many options when it comes to paying for detox that isn’t just paying out of pocket.

Do I Really Need Detox?

Absolutely. Everyone who suffers from a drug or alcohol addiction has to go through detox. While it may seem scary, it’s the first step down a road that leads to a lifetime of health and happiness. Detox allows a person to have a clean slate. From there, they can build on the coping mechanisms and life skills they need to ward off addiction for the rest of their lives.

While some people believe self-detox is an option, it’s actually a very dangerous alternative. Those who attempt to detox without medical supervision put themselves at risk for relapse, lifelong damage to the mind and body, and even death.

Methods of Paying for Detox

There are many methods of paying for detox. Addiction is a disease that affects the mind and body. Therefore, there are many insurance policies and federal programs that will cover some or all of the cost of residential drug detox programs.


Paying out of pocket is the most straightforward way of paying for detox, but it’s also the most difficult. Most people don’t have the cash available to pay for detox outright, especially if they spent a lot of money supporting their addiction. However, there are other ways for someone to save enough cash to pay for detox.

First, a person could save money by selling old clothes or items they no longer use. They can also ask friends and family members for money either as loans or in exchange for services, such as yard work or pet sitting. During this time, it may be best to entrust the financial management to a close friend or family member so that the money doesn’t get spent on anything aside from detox.

Loans and Credit

In addition to taking out loans from loved ones, a person can also take out loans from the bank to pay for detox. Unlike saving cash and borrowing money from family, taking out loans allows the person to get the treatment they need now while worrying about the finances later. It also eliminates the risk of straining a relationship with a loved one due to finances.


Insurance is the best and most reliable way of paying for detox in Southern California. Drug detox centers accept many insurance policies, both public and private. A facility like Morningside Recovery Detox Center will work with you to see if your insurance covers your treatment.

This is the best option because you don’t have to worry about the cost of rehab at all if your insurance covers all expenses. Additionally, even if your insurance only covers part of the cost, you don’t have to worry about paying the entire amount.

Detox Programs at Morningside Recovery Detox Center

If you’re looking for premier detox in Southern California, look no further than Morningside Recovery Detox Center in Orange County. We offer many residential detox programs to suit the unique needs of our clients, including:

There is life after addiction. Get started on your recovery journey by calling Morningside Recovery Detox Center today at 855-283-3118. Our expert team will answer any questions you have about paying for rehab and get you started with the insurance verification process.