Your doctor prescribed a benzodiazepine to help with your anxiety or sleeplessness. Somewhere along the line, you began relying on the pill to sleep and using it outside of its intended purposes. You’re ready to quit abusing it, but you know that you’ll need help. Find out how the benzo detox Orange County trusts can work for you. Choose a benzo detox center in California.

What to Expect When it Comes to Withdrawal Symptoms

happy man in a benzo detox orange county benzo detox center in california morningside recovery detox centerA good-quality benzo detox center in California will discuss the withdrawal process with you before starting the treatment. Know what to expect so that the symptoms don’t blindside you. For starters, there’s the likelihood of experiencing depression or anxiety. Mood swings are a regular part of the initial withdrawal.

While talking with an intake counselor at the benzo detox Orange County locals turn to, you will also answer health questions. The goal is to ensure a safe process, which may require supportive medications. You’ll probably experience symptoms such as:

  • Sweating
  • Heart palpitations
  • Gastrointestinal upset
  • Headaches
  • Dizziness

Although these symptoms can be uncomfortable, they typically subside after a week. If symptoms are severe, medical professionals may prescribe medications to help ease withdrawal symptoms.

Modalities That the Benzo Detox Orange County Locals Call Will Offer

Work side-by-side with the medical staff at the benzo detox center in California for a good experience. The experts will customize your treatment. Examples of procedures include:

  • California luxury detox with private room availability for program participants who want to avoid having others recognize them
  • Pet friendly drug detox that lets you bring your companion animal for emotional support
  • Pharmacological support that protects your physical health and ensures a pain-free experience
  • Around-the-clock monitoring that allows for immediate intervention if it becomes necessary
  • Assistance with psychological conditions that may worsen when you stop using benzodiazepines

How Long Does It Take to Detox from Benzos?

The actual length of the process depends on the severity of your addiction. Program participants who used larger doses for extended periods may take longer to overcome the physiological dependency. Moreover, the actual drug that you took also determines the length. For example, a short-acting benzo will cause symptoms to start sooner, but it’ll also be quicker to overcome.

Long-acting products, on the other hand, have less intense withdrawal symptoms. However, it also takes longer for the drug to leave your system. As a general rule of thumb, it takes about seven to ten days to go through the detoxification. At the end of the benzo detox Orange County talks about, you no longer need the medication to feel normal.

What About At-Home Detoxification Instead of a Benzo Detox Center in California?

Do you really need to check into the benzo detox Orange County has come to trust? Couldn’t you just do a DIY detox at home? In theory, it’s possible to quit the medication cold turkey at home. However, in practice, this can be a problematic solution to your drug problem.

For starters, the withdrawal symptoms almost always cause a relapse within a day or two. As a result, at-home detoxification typically doesn’t lead to lifelong sobriety. Moreover, if you run into medical problems, you don’t have trained help available. You may suffer needlessly and eventually give up.

However, this moment of throwing in the towel can lead to additional dangers. If you go back to using the same dosage as you did before you attempted detox, you may overdose. Your body is no longer accustomed to the dosage. Don’t take this risk with your health. Instead, check into a high-quality benzo detox center in California.

Finding the Best Benzo Detox Orange County Has to Offer

Contact the benzo detox Orange County trusts. Morningside Recovery Detox is an Orange County detox center for women and men. Caring therapists and medical professionals partner with you from start to finish to ensure that you have a good experience. Call 855-283-3118 today to learn more and reserve your spot at the facility.